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Unscramble words from letters with our word unscrambler.

This word unscrambler quickly finds words that are hidden within scrambled letters.
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This word unscrambler quickly finds words that are hidden within scrambled letters.

What is a word unscrambler

If you have a bunch of letters in random order, a word unscrambler will look for existing words hidden inside these scrambled letters. To determine if a word actually exists, it is checked against a list of known words. If a word can be created with some, or all, scrambled letters and exists in the list of predefined words, it is considered unscrambled.

To unscramble words simply enter scrambled letters and press the search button. That’s all. The word unscrambler will now check for words which can be created from your given letters.

Found words are sorted based on their length. Longer words are shown first. Words with the same amount of letters are grouped together. These groups are displayed in buttons at the top of the results. This allows you to see which length of words are possible. By pressing them, you will jump to the words for that length.

Remove words from the word list

Found words are based on a predefined list of many English words. This extensive list is carefully being updated, but unfortunately isn’t perfect. Some words may not exist, and existing words may not be found. If words are shown that you don’t like, or aren’t words at all, you can remove them. By pressing a word you will see a red x-sign. After pressing the x and confirming the removal, that word will no longer show up for you.

Advanced word generator

Word unscrambler is pretty simple and basic. If you want a more advanced way to unscramble your letters to words, use the word generator. The word generator is an advanced version of word unscrambler, with more options and settings to find words. To find specific words effectively, read the instructions carefully. Depending on your settings, resulting words could vary in unexpected ways.

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